Cerca Design House is aware of the importance of maintaining a sustainable tourism development, and assuming the principles adopted in the World Charter for sustainable tourism, the Cerca Design
House undertakes to carry out sustainable management.

We know that, with sustainable and responsible practices we can reduce the environmental impact of our business and we believe that we can truly make a difference, so all of our policies and values were based on this.

Our Mission
Offer a quality service, which is translate into the proximity to our guests, the friendliness and hospitality of our staff, as well as the excellence products that we use. Promote the central region of Portugal, specifically the Fundão region, as an appealing destination for those who are looking for a place where nature and well-being are in harmony.

Respecting the principles of sustainability, this means preserve the environment, enhance our guests to interact with the local community, get to know the traditions, the culture and history of Fundão and your surroundings.

Our Vision
Our vision is to provide an excellent service to our guests, being a reference of excellence in providing services in the area of hospitality, boost tourism in the Central region of Portugal and grow in a consolidated manner, with added value.

Our Values
The values that we based on are the following:
• Customer focus:
– adequacy of all procedures and implementation of measures to ensure your safety and health;
• Guests ‘ satisfaction;
• Quality
– proximity to our guests;
– friendliness and hospitality of our staff;
– use of excellent products ;
• Commitment;
• Innovation;
• Ethics;
• Social and environmental responsibility;
• Sustained growth;
• Human resources development and professionalism
– employees motivated, trained and involved in the operation;
• Enhancement of community and local and regional heritage;
• Excellence.

This policy of responsible tourism will be updated ever when the circumstances requires, adopting and publishing in both cases new sustainability goals.

Manifesto of the Responsible Company