Come awaken all your senses at Cerca Design House!

Once known as Casa dos Machados, Casa da Cerca originally belonged to the majorat of Chãos, having remained in the family for eight generations.

It was inherited by José Trigueiros de Aragão Osório Martel, who was the Mayor of  Fundão and responsible for the Holy House of Mercy, and was left unused and abandoned throught the years, until the arrival of Marta Augusto Rafael and her family.

Believing in the potencial of the estate and of the region, the family invested in a project that culminated with the transformation of Casa da Cerca into a charming country house. Cerca Design House is the result of the dream of creating an elegant and contemporary retreat where you can relax in the comfort of the valley between Serra da Estrela and Serra da Gardunha.

Located in the municipality of Fundão, 30 minutes away from Serra da Estrela, the house is the result of an harmonious fusion between the remodeling of a XVII century manor-house and a contemporary and unique design.

The sobriety of the stone, which refers to the time of majorats, contrasts with the soft touch of the typical burel woollen cloth (typical in the region) and the vibrant colors of a decoration meant for the relaxation of body and mind.

Inspire yourself in the silence and calm that the natural beauty of the mountains has to offer, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the unique tranquility of a small village life.