Wool Museum at the University of Beira Interior

This museum, dedicated to the history of wool, it is also an industrial museum of archeology, anthropology and science and technology. In 2002, won the award for “Best Portuguese Museum“, the Portuguese Association of Museology. It is a poly-nucleated Museum: the nucleus of the Royal of Textile Factory, dated 1764, shows the archaeological and preserved architectural structures and resulting spoils of archaeological interventions in the area, as well as several manufacturing textile equipment, especially in support of spinning, weaving and dyeing; Râmolas do Sol core, next to the Ribeira da Carpinteira, on the site of Sineiro, shows, in situ, the tenter of wool and Ramôlas do Sol important in wool transformation process in tissues; the core of the Royal Veiga Factory is the headquarters of the Museum.

This museum belongs to the Portuguese Network of Museums.



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