Museum of Discovery

The Museum of Discovery / Interpretation Centre “New World Discovery (DNM)” comes from the will of Belmonte City Council in making known one of the greatest achievements ever in the history of the Portuguese Discoveries – the finding of Brazil.

This space aims to raise awareness, study and disseminate the achievements of Cabral and explore the history of the nation’s largest Portuguese-speaking, which over five centuries has built up through an extraordinary coexistence of cultures.

Visit DNM is like taking a trip with more than 500 years. It is an approach to the history of the discoveries and Brazil. So this epic was produced with the use of most modern technologies and museographic in order to be understood and understood by all public technical, unsettling them, encouraging them and giving them the opportunity to participate, know and interpret our history .
The DNM is a space of sensations and emotions that make us understand, respect, dream and travel. It is a journey through time as we could never do.

LOCATION: Belmonte


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