Cherry Route

“This route develops from cherry fruit while rooted in a very specific and chromatically changing landscape during the seasons.

In the spring, the cherry trees are dressed in white painting the Gardunha a unique spectacle. In summer, the green of the trees is punctuated by red fruits that delight the palate. In the fall the ocher tones of yellow-orange leaves inundate the mountain range of hues and magnificent colors. The gray of the bare trunks of trees involved the damp mists are confused, in winter, with the rocks from which spring the sounds of pure water sources and renewal of certainties of the land of life that seems to sleep. “

POINTS OF INTEREST: Alcongosta, Cherry orchards, Basketry in Esparto and Viewpoints

SEASON ADVISED: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter


Middle Diversity: Very Easy

Orientation: Easy

Surface: Easy

Physical Effort: Something Difficult


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