Cheese Museum

Unique in the region, the Cheese Museum, located in the village of Peraboa, allows the visitor to know the process of making one of the best cheeses in the world, delicacy appreciated and recognized internationally. The new museum space, opened on 14 May 2011, has two parallel paths: a museum and a gastronomic, allowing different sensory experiences to visitors. Through a real journey and multimedia [2D and 3D projection], didactic and interactive games, visitors can learn the environment involving art and the process of cottage industry of Queijo da Serra as well as the techniques and tools used to over the years for making this delicacy. At Museu is still it possible to know the Kosher sheep’s cheese characteristics, produced in Peraboa, according to the precepts of the Jewish religion. In the House of the Masters, small restaurant associated with the gastronomic route of the Cheese Museum, visitors also have the opportunity to taste dishes made-up with cheese and other regional products, allowing the dissemination and preservation of local cuisine and cheese from Serra da Estrela.



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