The perfect place to relax and enjoy the best of life … with your pet.


Cerca Design House allows pets under the following conditions:

It’s required previous contact with Cerca Design House to confirm availability;

-They are allowed at most two pets in the same time period;

It is only allowed one pet per room, whose weight does not exceed 10kg and in the Villas there is no maximum weight;

It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure food, water fountain and feeder so that the animal’s stay is as comfortable;

Any and all damages caused in the hotel unit by the pet is the responsibility of the owner and should assume the cost of the damage;

Requested to owners who take care and do not let the pet go to bed, making himself accompanied by their own bed or blanket to the effect;

There are areas prohibited to entry of animals, including the Jacuzzi, the bar, the breakfast room and the pool area;

The Pet accommodation is charged at € 15.00 per night;

Cerca Design House has no external infrastructure to lodge animals;

Cleaning the pet waste is the responsibility of its owner;

At the time of check-in is required responsible for the pet sign the Declaration of Commitment for Pets.