cale_2017The Commercial and Industrial Association of the Municipality of Fundão and the Union of Parishes of Fundão, in a co-organization with the Municipality of Fundão, are organizing the 7th edition of the Sangriagosto e Cale – Street Festival.

Cale & Sangriagosto will take place between the 4th and 19th of August.

The objectives of the event are to produce a popular event that dynamizes, promotes and stimulates the traditional Fundão trade, as well as other endogenous economic activities. We thus intend a landmark event in the city that will return the street space to the population with an appropriation of this by the trade with areas of esplanades distributed throughout the space.

This way it will be a great economic show, present in the streets of the old part of the city of Fundão.

The “SangriAgosto” will again this year an environmental innovation that is related to the creation of an ecological glass, which will be used for all types of beverages.
Sensitizing visitors to ecological issues, especially with regard to the environment, since edition after edition have been noticed an increase of garbage, especially of disposable cups that are dropped by the streets of the city.



Pêro Viseu na Rua is an initiative of the Parish Council of Pêro Viseu, with the aim of promoting the parish, its spaces, its people, its customs, its heritage, traditional handicraft products, agro-food, Beverages among others and stimulate creativity and originality as an activity of professional and economic appreciation.
It is intended to promote Pêro Viseu, to make known Pêro Viseu, to perceive Pêro Viseu as an attractive, modern and ambitious parish.
Pêro Viseu na Rua will be held on August 19 and 20, 2016 in the parish of Pêro Viseu, Rua Direita, Largo da Praça, Largo da Cruz and Largo João José Vitoria Forte.